If, for whatever reason, you didn't believe that Honeycomb is an OS built exclusively for tablets (despite the third slide of Google's official video teaser), here's yet more proof for your doubting mind.

First up, we have a report from PC Magazine, who has been told by a "company spokesman" that Honeycomb will not be available on Android smartphones. However, some of its features will be carried over (PC Mag thinks Movie Studio and browser enhancements are likely candidates) - just as should be expected.

Additionally, Phandroid has a "trusted source" who claims that Google is currently working on Android build GRI17 (that's Gingerbread post-Honeycomb, or Ice Cream Sandwich). And guess what? They too have been informed that it's not a Honeycomb port per se, though some elements from Android 3.0 will be included.

I can't say I'm disappointed - if you ask me, phones and tablets should have different UIs, given the differences in their specifications (specifically, their screen sizes). So long as features like Renderscript and Movie Studio make it to the small screen - albeit with slightly tweaked interfaces - I'll be one happy Android blogger.

Sources: Phandroid, PC Magazine