Google released its monthly update of the Android version distribution charts today, and the battle against fragmentation is slowly being won.

Froyo now accounts for almost 60% of all Android devices, with Éclair hovering around 30%. Donut and Cupcake now make up only one tenth of all Android devices in the wild. Compare that to only 6 months ago, when they took up over 35% of the pie. Android's evolution is certainly impressive, and it doesn't seem like it'll be slowing down any time soon.

chart (1)


Gingerbread represents around 1% of the Android population right now according to Google, which makes sense, as the Nexus S remains the only Android handset being sold with Android 2.3. That 1% presumably includes devices running unofficial Gingerbread builds as well, such as Gingerbread AOSP for the Nexus One or Cyanogen Mod 7. Undoubtedly the number will increase in the coming months.

With Honeycomb soon being added to the mix, will Google publish separate tablet and phone charts? It certainly wouldn't hurt - adding another version of Android or more into a single visual representation would only give credence to the perception that Android has a major OS fragmentation problem, and that's publicity Google probably doesn't want.

Google via Android Central