One of my biggest gripes with the Android Market (and mobile app stores in general) is that apps often have lite versions, essentially limited editions of the full app. These lite versions make it harder to find the real app, and a seemingly easier solution would be to simply give users a free app and allow them to buy add-ons for it as they go.

Well it seems Google has finally decided to implement this in the Android SDK via "in-app purchasing." Devs can bake it into their app now thanks to an update to the SDK, though users won't be able to access it until later this quarter.

It goes without saying that this should boost Android apps' disappointing profits quite a bit - as anyone who has ever used an iOS device can attest to, that Mighty Eagle in Angry Birds or that extra track in Tap Tap Revenge can seem like an impulse buy when it's just $0.99 and a single tap away.