Oh yes, those juicy rumors about an online version of the Market were true - the "Android Market Web Store," as Google is calling it, is accessible now via market.android.com.

2011-02-02 13h36_57 2011-02-02 13h39_03 2011-02-02 13h41_29

As you can see, a list of featured/best selling games populates the front page, along with a list of categories, a "Sign in" button (which, at the time of this writing, leads to an 'invalid request error'), and a "Search" function. Once you click on one of the apps, you are taken to a page somewhat like the one in the second screenshot, with a description, links to "Overview," "User Reviews," "What's New," and "Permissions" on top, as well as a list of related apps on the left side and a QR code and a "Tweet" button on the right side. Searching for an app brings you to a page similar to the one in the third screenie - nothing too amazing, but functional and easy to navigate nonetheless.

Update: See that "Install" button in the second screenshot? Well, thanks to its magic, you'll be able push your favorite app from your computer's web browser directly to your Android phone/tablet, just as we saw at Google I/O 2010. Unfortunately, we can't try this out for ourselves yet, since that nasty "Sign in" bug is still there.

Update 2: The "Sign in" bug is no more, and we will be posting our hands-on impressions of the Web Market shortly.

We'll keep you updated as we get more on the Android Market Web Store - in the meantime, enjoy youtube.com/android - I hear something exciting is going down there.