We have some somewhat good news for Fascinate owners: a new, official, very final-looking Froyo build DL30 for the Samsung Fascinate has been leaked, and it's been released completely unmolested (short of pre-rooting it). Even the bloatware has been left intact.

Obviously, the silver lining here is that we can see that Samsung and Verizon are making progress, and this could be a sign that the update is closer to being ready to roll out. (Then again, that could just be naïve optimism.) On the flip side, the only people who will find this immediately useful are the ones who are rooted, and those people are probably already running a custom Froyo ROM already (and likely one without the bloat).

Want to give it a shot? Hit up the download links here or here, courtesy of XDA member punk.kaos. Be sure to let us know how it works out, but remember - any technical or support-related questions are best directed to the thread in the source link below.

[Source: XDA-Developers, thanks for the tip Dave!]