Although, the Android Market has exploded recently, it is no secret that apps on the iOS platform consistently look and perform better. With revenues from mobile apps set to triple this year, Google is going on a mass hiring spree to find developers to create quality apps for the Android Market, reports the Wall Street Journal.

Google, like Apple, takes a 30% cut for every app sold in the Market. However, with paid app sales failing to live up to expectations, Google is hoping to increase its revenue stream by improving the overall quality of the apps available in the Market.

So far, Google's own efforts in app development have focussed on extending functionality for their web properties, including Gmail, Google Reader, and Google Maps. With this new effort, Google will be paying developers to come up with the next hit game or innovative social media experience.

A successful smartphone platform today is not measured by its list of features, but by the number of apps available in its app store. Does anyone remember how many apps Palm had in its store for the Pre? By creating a number of useful apps, Android is likely to entice more users to switch. Furthermore, Schmidt, the outgoing CEO of Google, has already made it clear that Google still has big plans for the Android platform.

Credit: Wall Street Journal