As I've said a few times previously here, I'm buying an Atrix 4G. I will be patiently waiting outside the Santa Monica AT&T store on that fateful February morning, Peet's coffee in hand, alternatively staring blankly into the store's glass and fiddling with my Nexus One. I'll probably be one of a few people there, but that's ok - I'm not a big fan of crowds.

But the battle only begins at the door. I will have to threaten (convincingly) to cancel my contract so that I can get a slightly earlier upgrade window than my agreement currently permits, (I'm not due for an upgrade until April) and pay an extra 50 dollars for the early upgrade fee. But I don't mind. My unnatural desire to own this phone makes the impatient-idiot tax worthwhile, and it would cost me 50 big ones to cancel my AT&T contract anyway.

Anyway, what was I talking about? Oh,  Motorola's released a new promo video for the Atrix, share with me in the excitement:

If you're in the West LA area and looking to pick up an Atrix on launch day, make yourself known - I'll be there!