Been wondering when we'd hear more about T-Mobile's newest Sidekick? If so, today's your lucky day: TmoNews has some new info on the device, and a few blurrycam shots to boot. Perhaps the two most important facts: it will be manufactured by Samsung, and is apparently running Android 2.2.1.

andr_sidekick1 andr_sidekick3

You'll never guess where these images are from.

That's not exactly great news, especially for those who had high hopes for the device. Why? Well, because Samsung doesn't exactly have a great reputation when it comes to Android updates, and for good reason. Further, T-Mobile has previously stated that they are committed to keeping their Android devices updated - and yet this phone is running Froyo. Hopefully it ships with Gingerbread - or at the very least, an update rolls out shortly after release.

andr_sidekick2 andr_sidekick4

Seriously. TmoNews: home of the ninja-esque watermark.

In the meantime, enjoy the blurrycam shots.

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