The launch of the Atrix 4G is drawing near - yesterday, Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha himself reminded us of this on the company's earnings call, and today Amazon hinted at the same thing by putting up its order page for the phone.

2011-01-27 20h35_14_wm

The move probably wasn't intentional (clicking the 'Buy at' button leads to an error message), but it certainly has revealed some juicy details. Most importantly, the on-contract price is said to be a mere $149.99 - not bad for America's first dual-core phone. As for the off-contract price, Amazon lists it at $599.99, which is pretty much in line with what you should expect to pay for a device like this.

Of course, the pricing may change by the time the phone really launches, but if the Atrix 4G does end up costing just $149.99 on contract, I think I already know what my next Android handset will be.

Update #1: HTC Inspire 4G also showed up briefly for $99.99 on-contract, $499.99 off.

Update #2: Both pages have now been taken down.

Source: Amazon via Phandroid, AndroidForums