Samsung is well-known for its ubiquity in the feature-phone market, and it's starting to look like they'll be employing the same assault-on-all-sides approach with Android phones too. As if they aren't struggling already to keep their phones up to date, Sammy is now digging a deeper hole with today's announcement of four budget-oriented devices set to prop up the rather premium Galaxy S.

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Galaxy mini


Starting from the bottom, we have the Galaxy mini, intended to be a "first smartphone" for those crazy, hip youths you keep reading about. Not quite sure where the fun springs from in a 3.14-inch QVGA device, but Samsung is betting heavily on the "flashy color stripe along the side" to shift units.

Galaxy Gio


Next up we have the Galaxy Gio. Again the details are light besides mention of a 3.2-inch HVGA display and an apparent likeness to jewels. No further comment.

Galaxy Fit


Moving on brings us to the Galaxy Fit. While it doesn't come packaged with a nifty Honda compact car, the Fit at least has a few more details to go on. Despite its larger 3.31-inch screen, the Fit drops the resolution back down a notch to the sad QVGA we've come to expect in cheaper Android phones. Whether or not its 600 MHz processor will really pull off the "smooth web browsing on the go" that Samsung claims is somewhat in doubt, but you can rely on the included 5 Megapixel camera to produce some decent shots.

Galaxy Ace

Finally, at the top of the pile, is the Galaxy Ace. This looks like a slightly cut down Galaxy S, both in design and in specs. The Ace has a 3.5-inch HVGA display and an 800 MHz processor. How its price matches up with those reduced specs will presumably be revealed sooner rather than later, with MWC just around the corner. All four devices come with Samsung's TouchWiz UI on top of Froyo and are set to make a first appearance in Russia effective immediately, subsequently moving into the Europe, India, and South America. In fact, Three UK already announced that Ace is coming to its network soon.


Press release reprinted below:

Share the Joy of Your Life with the New Samsung GALAXY Smartphones

Samsung broadens the Android™-powered smartphone experience with the introduction of four new devices: the Samsung GALAXY Ace, the Samsung GALAXY Fit, the Samsung GALAXY Gio and the Samsung GALAXY mini

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., today announced the Samsung GALAXY family: the Samsung GALAXY Ace, the Samsung GALAXY Fit, the Samsung GALAXY Gio and the Samsung GALAXY mini. All offer a unique take on the smartphone experience, expanding the AndroidTM-powered Samsung GALAXY smartphone line-up to the broader consumer market.

Following the phenomenal global success of the Samsung GALAXY S, the new Samsung GALAXY smartphones will meet the diverse demands of current and potential smartphone users. The Samsung GALAXY family shows that smartphones can cater to any lifestyle, with enhanced multimedia and application capabilities as well as a social hub keeping users in touch with friends and family. Each device in the Samsung GALAXY family has been created to meet unique needs and allow users to share the fun and excitement in their lives with friends and family.

Users have access to limitless entertainment possibilities through over 100,000 applications from Android MarketTM and Samsung Apps, while quick communication is enabled via QuickType by SWYPE text input. The Samsung GALAXY family comes equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity and Social Hub which lets users view their contacts, SNS, IM and email together in an integrated one-page layout, keeping them constantly connected.

JK Shin, President and Head of Samsung’s Mobile Communications Business, said, “In creating the Samsung GALAXY smartphone line-up, we wanted to expand on the things that made the Samsung GALAXY S such a runaway success whilst diversifying our product range. Each device delivers something different, with the idea that each user is an individual and wants their mobile experience to be easy and fun. With these four Samsung GALAXY smartphones we help them share the joy they have in their lives and bring their experiences to their friends and family.”

The Samsung GALAXY family was inspired by the success of the original Samsung GALAXY S, which has sold an astonishing 10 million devices in just seven months. In designing this family of devices, Samsung has taken the award-winning Samsung GALAXY S and tailored it to meet the diverse and growing needs of consumers. The Samsung GALAXY family will be showcased at the Mobile World Congress from February 14th to 17th in Barcelona.


Samsung GALAXY Ace

The Samsung GALAXY Ace is designed for trendy and sociable young professionals. With its sophisticated design, the Samsung GALAXY Ace has been created to be simple yet elegant. The Samsung GALAXY Ace offers a premium experience with a 3.5-inch HVGA display on a compact and comfortable handset. However, the stylish smartphone does not compromise on capabilities, with a 800MHz processor, GoogleTM voice search and ThinkFree document viewer.

The Samsung GALAXY Ace is immediately available in Russia and will be available in other European countries, India and China.


Samsung GALAXY Fit

The Samsung GALAXY Fit is for the user who wants a device that meets all the challenges of a professional career and a busy social life. On a 3.31-inch QVGA display, the Samsung GALAXY Fit keeps you not only on the job from anywhere with office viewer, but also on the run for fun from photos taken with 5MP camera to music.It is functional and fun with a user experience that is optimized for sharing and smooth web browsing on the go with a 600MHz processor. No complications and no conflicts, the Samsung GALAXY Fit can help you lead a double life with a professional design that doesn’t compromise on enhanced capabilities.

The Samsung GALAXY Fit will be available from February in Russia and gradually to other European countries, India and South America.


Samsung GALAXY Gio

The Samsung GALAXY Gio, with its sleek design and enhanced social networking capabilities is perfect for stylish young professional who want to stay connected. Based on the Italian term for “jewel”, the name Gio reflects design perfection and the strength to last with a 3.2-inch HVGA display. The Samsung GALAXY Gio marries brains and beauty for users that want a smartphone that offers the best of both worlds.

The Samsung GALAXY Gio will come to Russia and gradually to other European countries, India and China.


Samsung GALAXY mini

An ideal first smartphone for trendy and sociable youngsters, the Samsung GALAXY mini is a breath of fresh air for those that want a smart device that is as fun as it functional. Emboldened with a flashy color stripe along the side, this mobile keeps you connected to everything that matters in your life. With a 3.14-inch QVGA display, the Samsung GALAXY mini embodies great productivity and performance in a compact design that is full of personality. The Perfect gift for smartphone-rookies, it also offers GoogleTM voice actions and Quick Office document viewer, all powered by a 600MHz processor. The Samsung GALAXY mini is a fun and funky way to embrace the smartphone generation.

The Samsung GALAXY mini is available in Russia and will gradually roll out in other European countries, India and China.

Source: Eurodroid