Well, we knew it was coming. Did you honestly think Big Red would bundle your 3G and 4G into one big, happy family? Neither did we. An anonymous Engadget tipster snapped a picture of Verizon's latest data plans - probably set to be released in time for the iPhone 4. Check it out:


Droid-Life posted a helpful companion image of the old pricing for comparison's sake:


Notice the 150MB smartphone plan has vanished, along with an increased base data cap for feature phones. This is likely meant to simplify things for upcoming 4G devices and new iPhone 4 adopters - Verizon doesn't want to have more than one 3G smartphone plan confusing customers, they'll leave that to the more profitable 4G tiers.

What can you can expect as far as 4G pricing on Verizon? Data caps, for one. It has long been known that Verizon is planning to officially move into tiered smartphone data plans. With the HTC Thunderbolt not too far off on the horizon, Verizon's new 4G pricing schemes will probably be making their way into a blurrycam shot sooner rather than later.

We just hope the prices aren't as jaw-dropping as the speeds.

Engadget, Droid-Life