Update: Shortly after the update botch was noticed by Notion Ink, they halted distribution of the update in question because it was not downloading completely. If you have a bricked Adam, here is the fix as e-mailed to Notion Ink Fan:

No one here at Android Police has a device to test this fix on - so be careful, and read the warning.

How to flash your Adam and get it working again

This fix is recommended only if your Adam has stopped booting up after installing the over-the air system update on 24 January. Please don't use the method indicated to flash your Adam with any ROM not from Notion Ink, as it would probably damage your Adam irreparably.

Please read this whole document before proceeding.
You need to have the following items
1. A Windows or Linux PC
2. The Notion Ink Adam you wish to flash
3. A mini-USB to USB cable for connecting the two (It's not included in the Adam package, but you might have one lying around. If not, it's readily available in any electronics shop)
4. The appropriate Adam Recovery Kit which you can download from the URLs below. (About 80MB)

1. Windows PC, LCD Adam
2. Windows PC, Pixel Qi Adam
3. Linux PC, LCD Adam
4. Linux PC, Pixel Qi Adam

Here's a summary of what you'll be doing:
1. On your PC, extract the Adam Recovery Kit.
2. Restart your Adam in “Force Recovery” mode and connect it to the PC.
3. If you're on Windows, install the USB drivers from the Recovery Kit.
4. Run the ROM flash utility from your PC, and wait for it to complete.

Using your favourite ZIP extraction tool, uncompress all the files in the Adam Recovery Kit to any folder on the hard drive of your computer.

Before proceeding, ensure that your Adam has at least 50% battery charge or is connected to power and charging. Also make sure that your computer will not turn off during the flashing process. Turn off your Adam and enter force recovery mode by pressing and holding both the Volume Down (-) and Power buttons for two seconds. The orange (charge) and red (CPU) indicators on the right side of your device will light up, indicating that your Adam is in force recovery mode. Release both buttons, and connect the mini-USB port on your Adam to any free USB port on the PC using your cable.

3. INSTALL DRIVERS (Windows only)
Your Windows PC will show a notification that a device “APX” has been detected. If you get a “Found new hardware” dialog box asking where to install drivers from - choose “list or specific location”. If you don't get this dialog, open the Device Manager via System in the Control Panel, find and double-click the “APX” device, and click the update driver button. Select the “usbpcdriver” folder inside the extracted Adam Recovery Kit as the driver location. You may receive a warning that the driver is not certified or signed by Windows – choose to install it anyway.

You're now ready to flash your Adam. Make sure that the USB cable is connected securely. To begin the process under Windows, run the “download.bat” batch file from the folder where you extracted the Recovery Kit. If you're using Linux, open a console window at the folder containing the extracted Recovery Kit, and run ./ Your device screen will show that it is being updated, and the console window will show the progress. IMPORTANT: Do not close the console window or stop the update before it is complete. If the update is interrupted mid-way, your Adam will be damaged irreparably. Hopefully all goes well, and in a couple of minutes your Adam will boot up with the new software. Congratulations! If at any point you find that things aren't going according to plan, please send an email to [email protected] right away.

Thanks for your continued support
Team Notion Ink

The first of Notion Ink's Adam tablets are arriving in the hands of consumers today - and it sounds like things aren't going as smoothly as Notion Ink would like.

A tipster has informed us that upon booting up his device, he had various problems with the software keyboard, and then was informed an update was available for his Adam. After downloading the update and allowing it to install, his Adam would no longer boot. No hangs - just a blank screen. We have a picture, but there's not much to see:


Various other people have apparently been reporting similar issues, and Notion Ink has sent this email in response, telling customers to hold back on updating their Adams:


Greetings from Notion Ink!

First of all, we would like to Welcome you to the Notion Ink Family!

We understand and share your excitement about you receiving your Adam.

Secondly, a couple of our family members who received the Adam already, reported to us that they faced some issues in updating their device.

So, as a precautionary measure, we would advice you to refrain from updating your Adam until we investigate this matter and contact you with an official update regarding this matter.

In case you need any other assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

Warm Regards
Notion Ink

Please DO NOT reply to this e-mail. Instead, please send a fresh e-mail to the address mentioned above.

We'll keep you updated as we get more information on the situation, suffice to say, if you're getting your Adam today - don't go for the OTA!