Truly stylish clock/date widgets of high quality are hard to come by, so whenever we see one released, we jump on it right away. Today's highlight is Typography Wall that was just released into the Android Market.

Typography Wall is actually a live wallpaper that comes with a variety of configurable elements, by default set up exactly the way you see below. You can use it without any modifications or jump right into changing things, from using your own background to changing transparency, rotation, blinking, positioning, and other aspects of each element. Such powerful customizations are made possible thanks to an absolutely brilliant OwnSkin framework that this LWP uses - in fact, it looks like anyone can create a live wallpaper using this free framework.

Oh yeah, if it's not clear - OwnSkin's blink support means the ":" symbol in the clock is actually blinking, just like a traditional clock.

Ready to try it out? Grab the download link after the break.


snap20110122_121254 snap20110122_120802 snap20110122_120824

snap20110122_121017 snap20110122_121120 snap20110122_120750


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If you liked this wallpaper, check out the recently released Simply Clock and Clock Art from the same developer.