Greek site Techblog managed to land an Optimus 2X, and took the chance to run Quadrant on the device - and damn, does the "binuclear [thanks, Google translate] NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor clocked at 1 GHz" ever manage to impress. It looks like the 2X is every bit the little monster we expect it to be: not only does it have a super-speedy browser, but it managed a 2,391 in Quadrant.

Granted, Quadrant is nothing more than a benchmark (and a synthetic benchmark, at that). And yes, other phones have managed higher scores (though certainly not stock). Still, it's useful in providing at least some frame of reference. Also noteworthy: the author points out that Quadrant apparently isn't designed/optimized for dual-core CPUs. With all that in mind - just imagine the potential here!

[Source: Techblog]