It's not unheard of for tuners to throw a small PC into a car (commonly called a "carputer" in the industry). It's a lot less common for Android to appear in cars, though it does happen - GM has considered using it to power OnStar and has a Volt app, while the Roewe 350 rocks Android in a pretty hardcore way. We've yet to hear of aftermarket tuners taking advantage of Android - until now, that is. Chip tuner Superchips has released what appears to be custom software built on Android and running on the Archos 43.


The results are impressive, especially considering this is the first we're seeing of Android making its way into a device like this. They've carried all the GPS, audio/video, and gaming capabilities of Android, and thrown in:

  • Chip (ECU) tuning
  • Gauges
  • Inclinometer/G-Force meter
  • Maintenance tracking
  • Backup camera support

There's no word on price or release date, but for other details, hit up the source link.

[Source: Superchips, thanks for the tip Eric A.]