I've been roaming the booths of CES for 3 days now, and I think I've seen almost everything even remotely related to Android that was worth seeing. One company, Recon Instruments, has been on my mind since the beginning, however, and I'm really glad I finally made it to their booth today.

Their current product, called Transcend, is a full snow goggles solution incorporating a little color LCD screen in the bottom right corner. This screen is small but it gets magnified optically to show a whole array of information, such as your current speed, temperature, altitude, time, vertical odometer, and the trail map overlaid on top of Google Maps (among other things).

The current Transcend is not new and has nothing to do with Android, but the 2011 version, which will be ready in time for the next snow season, will actually be powered by Android 2.2. In fact, quite a few things will change - for one, the product will now be a separate module compatible with a variety of goggles made by big name manufactures. Just buy it, then pick out the goggles you like, and plug them in. The controller, which was previously built into the goggles, is now a separate module you can attach to your pants or jacket for more convenient wireless operation.

Another new feature is support for a live camera view via Bluetooth - just fire both of them up and you'll see exactly what the camera is recording while speeding down the hill, all while still ogling at the myriad of stats.

The next feature, which puts even the best snow-related Android apps, such as Ripxx Ski and Snowboard, to absolute shame, is the ability to export all your runs to Recon's website and then play them back, complete with stats at every moment. You can then share them out and see how fast others have taken the same runs, which makes me wonder whether Shaun White's got a pair.

Did I mention the goggles have a buddy tracking feature which lets you see where all your friends on the slopes are in real time? How about the ability to detect and measure your jumps, including the jump time, vertical drop, total distance? Oh, and you can install custom Android apps. This is ice-melting hot.

I'm not even talking about controlling your smartphone and its music player - that's pretty much a given.

This solution is not cheap - the new, Android-powered modular package is supposed to retail for $300, to which you'd have to add the cost of compatible goggles and possibly a camera. But Recon's got a very serious puppy here, and I want it. Bad. How about you?

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