Google TV has met a lot of troubles on its quest to popularize Internet-connected TVs, not the least of which has been several lackluster reviews. So it isn't surprising that manufacturers have either ditched plans to develop their own Google TV products or at least held off on announcing them until after CES. Samsung, however, has decided to show off two of their own boxes running the software, though they aren't throwing their support behind the platform just yet.

The two boxes - one a stand-alone set top box (similar to Logitech's Revue) and the other a Blu-Ray player - are not even close to their final form, and neither even had a controller yet. Samsung executives are calling the boxes an "experiment," as they have been told to do if anyone expresses interest in the devices. Meanwhile, they are still pushing their own Smart TVs, so it could be quite a while before we see a Google TV device from Samsung; nonetheless, it's good to see that at least one manufacturer still has faith in the platform.

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Source: CNET

Photos: Android Police @ CES