With all the mind-blowing news coming in from CES 2011, it's easy to forget that interesting and innovative things are coming from other sources at the same time. Here is one of those sources.

A new service somewhat reminiscent of Shazam and Sound Hound has surfaced on our radar, but with one major distinction: this app does videos. Using proprietary algorithms and software (read: magic), newcomer Videosurf will not only help you identify what T.V. show or movie you're watching, but what episode you're looking at, summaries, actors, actor information, and all kinds of information you didn't know you were missing out on right there on your cell phone. They have released this video showing the world what the app is capable of:

While it hasn't been released yet, it is fairly obvious, in my opinion, how unspeakably handy and fun this service will be, provided it lives up to what this video is showing us. While there is no ETA at this point, I recommend you follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook to get the latest news about the mobile app. Rest assured, though, Android Police will be there when it drops because we're just as excited as everyone else.

Source: Videosurf via Reddit