Having long been rumored, Hulu Plus for Android was finally confirmed during Samsung's press conference at CES. During the Keynote, Hulu's CEO Jason Kilar demoed the app running on the Samsung Galaxy S, announcing, for the first time, that the subscription service was being developed for Android.

Google and Hulu have not always seen eye-to-eye, so it was fortuitous that Samsung was able to mend the bridges and bring this amazing service to the Android platform.

hulu plus

Image courtesy of Gadgetsteria

According to Hulu's Blog, Hulu Plus will be available on select Android mobile phones (Android 2.2 and above) in coming months. However, Jason Kilar did not provide a specific release date. Similarly, there was no indication on the pricing model Hulu intends to use for the app. If the iOS version of the app is any indication, it is likely that the app will be free, with a monthly subscription fee of $7.99.

Credit: Hulu Blog via Engadget