Engadget has scored some hands-on time with the much anticipated Notion Ink Adam and have captured it on video for all to see.

The video shows off the Adam's Eden UI switching between panels with ease, even in the cover-flow view. The smooth performance shows off how powerful the Tegra 2 CPU is. 

The browser also looks promising - scrolling through the browser seems smooth though there appears to be a slight lag in reacting to the swipe gesture. Pinch-to-zoom is in full effect but the text flow adjustment doesn't make it appear as smooth as we might like.

The standout feature is definitely the PixelQi display, which delivers amazing readability in direct sunlight. Glare is minimal, though that could be a result of using a matte display instead of glass, or it may be attributed to the screen's coating. Either way it looks great, and it looks even better when shown side-by-side with the iPad.

In regards to the hardware, Engadget editor Joanna Stern felt the Adam's build quality was solid and lightweight but a little on the thick side. She also appreciated the rubber grip which made it easy to handle and went as far as suggesting that all tablet manufacturers should do the same.

Overall the Adam is looking good and may live up to the hype. Don't take my word for it, hit the source link to check out Engadget's hand-on video.

Source: Engadget