We've seen quite a few tablets running Honeycomb as of late (and I'm sure there are still a lot more to come - after all, CES is only just beginning), but up until now, we haven't had a chance to get a good look at the OS itself. The wait is now over, however - a teaser video for the OS was recently uploaded to YouTube via androiddevelopers, Google's official Android developer account. Google has since made the video private (thus not allowing the general public to view it), but luckily, we managed to grab a backup of it before they did so:

As you can see, Google has completely rethought the Android interface in an effort to make it more tablet-friendly - clearly, Google didn't purchase BumpTop for nothing. One other item of interest here is that the video title clearly calls Honeycomb "Android 3.0." Coupled with the fact that Honeycomb is also explicitly labeled as an OS built "entirely for tablets," this leads us to believe that Android 2.4 will indeed be a mobile edition of the OS.

Source: YouTube via Engadget