The MIUI ROM is definitely one of the most magical things on Android today. A mix between iOS and Android, the ROM is beautiful, fast, and allows for user-created themes.  At times, it doesn't even look like Android. It is a real change; different, but great. In my humble opinion, two of the best parts of the ROM are the beautiful weather widget and digital clock widget. For some time now I have wanted both the digital clock widget and weather widget on my 2.2.1 Nexus One, and now thanks to the development team Factory Widgets, I am now able to use the MIUI digital clock widget outside of the MIUI ROM, and so can you! Check out the screenshots below:

screen (8) screen (9)

As you can see, the widget is very similar to the HTC flip clock, but allows for a lot more customization.  For instance, the features of the the MIUI widget include the ability to switch between 12/24 hour time, the ability to display system stats on the clock, current weather and forecast options, as well as the ability to customize the color of everything displayed. Honestly, this thing is great.

If you are like me and love clock widgets, you're going to want to check this out! Scan the QR code below or search "MIUI" in the Android Market. You can also hit the source link for more info at AppBrain.

QR code for

Source: AppBrain