In an impressive display of nerdery, XDA member JsChiSurf (who you may remember as the guy behind the re-mapped EVO buttons and a shout-out in Fresh 3.5) has used a host of tools and tricks to create an app that allows him to use his EVO as a garage door opener. Check out the video below (it's on the longer side at nearly 4 minutes, but it's got all the details).

In short, he connects an old Linux server (which was already running in his garage) to a serial relay controller, which is in turn connected to his garage door, to do the trick. It relies on some wizardry on the server side, obviously, but there's more to it than just that. He's also created an app called OpenSezMe (not on the Market for obvious reasons) that actually sends the signal to the server. However, it only sends the signal once he inputs a pin (to prevent oopsies), and even more impressively, he's integrated it with Google Maps so that it only works if he's within 1 block of his home (so that he doesn't open it while he's on vacation in Hawaii).

Incredibly awesome? Indeed. It's too bad this sort of thing can't be worked into something manageable for the rest of us. Be sure to hit up the source link for all the juicy details.

[Source: XDA-Developers]