A new round of games that incorporate one of my favorite Android services, OpenFeint, has recently been released. We've gotten our all-too-idle hands on several of these games and, let me tell you, some impressive things are being brought to the table.  While flipping through the games and wasting all of my time, one game stuck out to me. Maybe it was the nostalgic feel of it. Maybe it was the Indiana Jones throwback feeling of it. Maybe it was because I really like being able to flaunt my high score to the world. Whatever the reason, I'm a big fan of this game; so much so, in fact, that I made a video of me playing and talking about it. Follow me through the tunnels of Super Drill Panic, won't you?

For some reason, I find this game to be extremely addictive. I really enjoy the simple gameplay and how easy it is to just pick it up and play it. It requires almost no practice to get up and running and you don't have to feel bad when it's time to accomplish something and turn the game off. It seems like, nowadays, a game that is truly "casual" is somewhat hard to find.

I also really dig (heh) the graphics a lot. It's all pixely, yes, but it doesn't look like Super Drill Panic is poorly made. The visuals really add to the gameplay and give the game that really fun, "I remember when I was your age" feel. Adding to that feeling is the simple and limited nature of the power-ups. There's three of them and, as soon as you see them, it's pretty obvious what they do. Old-school gameplay + old-school graphics = old-school fun and I like that.

Super Drill Panic is well worth the $1.32 if you enjoy fun things and, let's face it, what isn't fun about running for your life from a giant boulder that wants nothing more than to end you with a good squishing after you've stolen a sacred idol from its temple? This is a dream I'm confident we have all shared, and now you can live it without risking your own life!

Super Drill Panic

Steal sacred idols and run for your life in fantastic, 8-bit technicolor!

Super Drill Panic
Super Drill Panic
Developer: OrangePixel
Price: $1.99