There's no question Hexage's Android games are state-of-the-art - in fact, EVAC was #1 on our list of non-Angry Birds games - but there are those of you reluctant to spend your hard-earned cash on a game for your phone.

In an effort to alleviate that stress, the game development firm has cut the prices of each and every one of its games in half until Monday, January 3rd. As a reminder, Hexage is the company behind the following games.


evac2 evac3

Everlands, Everlands Lite, and Everlands HD

screen (4) screen (12)

Totemo, Totemo Lite, and Totemo HD

image image

Buka, Buka Lite, and Buka HD

image image

Radiant, Radiant Lite, and Radiant HD

image image

It's worth noting that the discounted prices have yet to appear on AppBrain, so if you want to take advantage of them, you'll have to find the apps in the Market on your phone. Nonetheless, I think all of us can agree that this is the way all companies should celebrate the arrival of the New Year!