Oh, internet... we have such a love/hate relationship, don't we? Those of you who follow regularly know that I'm generally pretty skeptical of rumors and speculation - although I'm really not a contrarian by heart. This time around we have two similar, but fundamentally different, rumors floating around.

Both involve Samsung and the successor to the Galaxy S (which the internet has dubbed... wait for it... the Galaxy S2). And while there's little doubt there will be a successor, that's about the only common thread to the rumors. One version (Korea Times) says it will debut at CES alongside the Galaxy Tab 2. On the flip-side, Chosunilbo claims (with few details) that we'll be seeing the SGS2 at Mobile World Congress in February - but there's nary a peep about the Tab 2.

Enter the internet in all its speculative glory: various other Android blogs have run with one story or the other, all with different ideas of how things will go. In the spirit of letting you form your own conclusion, here are what a few of our peers have come up with - check them out and see what you think.

  • Our friend Taylor Wimberly at Android and Me ran with the CES version, and it seems like he finds it fairly believable. I get the feeling he's keeping a fairly open mind about it though - and rightfully so, in my opinion.
  • Android Community seems to be buying the SGS2 at MWC version of the story. Their certainty seems to fall somewhere between A&Me and GeekWorld.
  • GeekWorld.net is buying the CES version. Hard. Which is why they ran that leaked picture we totally think we debunked that shows a new piece of kit coming in February. Irony: CES is in January, MWC is in February. Not only are they certain we'll see both the SGS2 and Tab 2, but they're pretty confident in the rumored specs.

Personally, I could see either one being plausible. On the one hand, I think next week (CES) is too early to be debuting hardware (e.g. Tab 2) that antiquates gear that isn't that old to begin with (e.g. Tab). On the flip side, they have to remain competitive - and if any of the rumors are true, it looks like early 2011 will bring dual-core tablets and phones.

What do you think, world? Are you buying any of it? I'd like to hear your thoughts - you know what to do.

[Source: Korea Times, Chosunilbo]