Still playing with dummy units while shopping for your next phone at your local retailer? Those things are annoying, aren't they? You can hold them in your hand, but you can't touch or interact with them in any way.

Best Buy may just have the solution. You'll have to take a few steps back in order to see the new Nexus S demo unit in all its glory, because it's a fully functional 42" monster, complete with a working touch screen, live wallpaper, apps, and everything that a real Nexus S contains.

After hearing the news of the largest Android phone ever arriving to the San Carlos Best Buy, Jason Kincaid of TechCrunch rushed to get some hands-on with a device you can't even fully hug. He proceeded to touch the screen, read giant emails, play Paper Toss, twist and turn Google Maps (it even supported multi-touch, which immediately reminded me of Minority Report), and got the whole thing on video.

Have a look:

All I want now is the phone above in this clip:

Source: TechCrunch