Remember Larva Labs, the Android development team behind the awesome home replacement SlideScreen? Well, they're back and working on SlideScreen 2.0, a more advanced version of the original. With 2.0 (a beta preview is now available, get it here), things have been taken up a notch. For example, developers will now be able to write plugins using an API and release them on the Android Market - which means you no longer have to wait for the Larva Labs team to add new features. According to the LL blog, the API includes support for custom shortcut activities and real time updates to SlideScreen. The team also claims that it will be pretty easy for existing apps to add support for SlideScreen using the API.

SlideScreen_Twitter_Only screen (6)

The first plug-in available is open source and brings Google Voice support. Larva Labs is also looking to add IMAP/Exchange email support, and Google Buzz in SlideScreen 2.0.  Other 2.0 features will include:

  • External home screen support

  • Google Reader upgrades (feeds will be able to be shared and starred)

  • The ability to make comments and "like" on Facebook

  • Various visual upgrades, new icons

  • Bug fixes

If this sounds like something you need, download the beta (again, found here).  Also, make sure to hit the source link to get the Google Voice plugin. Although it seems a bit buggy right now, SlideScreen 2.0 is shaping up to look pretty damn sweet. Can't wait!

Source: Larva Labs