The Nexus S may have just been released, and it may be running the latest version of Android - but Samsung and Google aren't holding back on software updates. Instead, the two have teamed up to release the first OTA update for the device, which contains "important bug fixes" as well as the latest version of Google Maps. Don't feel like waiting for the update to hit your device? The file is already available to download from Google's servers, so after this, you can simply flash it as you would any other ZIP file:

  1. After the file is downloaded, rename it to "".
  2. Place the renamed file on the root (aka the main folder) of your SD card.
  3. Unplug your phone before shutting it down and rebooting into the bootloader (hold the Volume Up and Power buttons simultaneously).
  4. Enter recovery mode (choose it from the list using the Volume buttons and select it using the Power button).
  5. After a red triangle appears, press the Volume Up and Power buttons again.
  6. Select "Apply" from the list of options (use the Volume buttons to highlight the options and the Power button to confirm it).

Obviously, this isn't a monumental software upgrade, but it's worth downloading nonetheless, if only to patch over those bugs. I have to ask, though: why aren't Samsung's own Galaxy S devices getting the same treatment?

Sources: XDA-Developers, Android Central