Mozilla's been pretty good about keeping the mobile version of its ever-popular Firefox browser up to date (both with the current beta and with the old Fennec Alpha), and it looks like they have every intention to continue that trend. Just today, the third beta of Firefox 4 went live in the Android Market, bringing a number of minor additions along with it:

  • Several UI modifications
  • Easier discovery of add-ons
  • The ability to save websites as PDFs so you can read them later
  • Support for complex scripts (i.e. Arabic and Persian) on devices with the appropriate fonts
  • The ability to copy and paste to and from the URL bar
  • A simplified setup process for Firefox Sync - less typing is necessary
  • Bug fixes

Additionally, this is the first release of Firefox for Android that's available in the Android Market, indicating that we are now one step closer to the final, non-beta release of the app. Mozilla promises that improvements in performance, responsiveness, and usability will come in future updates, as well as better graphics, JavaScript, and more add-ons. Check it out for yourself using the QR code below.

QR code for

Source: Mozilla Blog