Earlier today, Kmobs updated the NexusKang live wallpaper app with the Nexus S live wallpaper background, compatibility with Android 2.3, and some bug fixes for good measure. For those unfamiliar with the app, it's pretty damn cool, letting you build customized versions of the standard Nexus live wallpaper found on the Nexus One. Users can choose their own backgrounds and even their own custom colors to fly around the screen. For a custom live wallpaper app, this one is top notch!

screen (4) screen (5)

If you have any interest in building a custom Nexus live wallpaper, or just want to load the Nexus S live wallpaper on your handset, check the app out by scanning the QR code below or hitting up AppBrain. I'm rocking it on my N1 right now, and it's pretty sweet. Hopefully it will tide me over until the official Gingerbread OTA comes to my N1.

QR code for https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.teamdouche.nexuskangfree

Source: AppBrain