Given the incredible durability (and entertainment) that Gorilla Glass has provided the Galaxy S phones with, one might think that Samsung would be eager to carry the feature over to the Nexus S. Unfortunately, like 720p video recording, LED notifications (which are available on some Galaxy S variants but not others), and a microSD card slot, Gorilla Glass has not been included in the world's first Gingerbread phone.


The omission was probably necessitated by the curved glass that covers the phone's mug, but that doesn't make it any less disappointing, especially since the effects of the so-called "Contour Display" are barely noticeable (from what I hear). Nonetheless, I know plenty of phones that aren't covered by Gorilla Glass, and most of them - including my daily driver, the EVO 4G - are quite durable even without the extra protection.

Just remember - if you were planning to scratch test your new phone to get some attention from your mates, make sure you use a fake nail - otherwise, your device could end up looking a lot like this.

Source: @Samsungservice (Twitter) via Geekword, Engadget