Samsung might have made some cool commercials for the Galaxy Tab, but you and I both know that when it comes to advertisements, Motorola still reigns supreme. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the first promo video for their upcoming Honeycomb tablet is nothing short of epic:

As you can see, Moto thinks it has what it takes to take out both the iPad and the Galaxy Tab - in fact, the video calls the former "a giant iPhone" and accuses the latter of running "Android OS for a phone." Furthermore, tablets of old (i.e. ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic tablets) are ridiculed as having "good graphics" but "difficult portability."

Unfortunately, the video doesn't reveal many new details on the tablet other than confirming that it will run Honeycomb, as evidenced by the bee seen at the end of the video. However, the last few seconds of the teaser hint at an unveiling at CES 2011, so hopefully we'll be able to get a closer look at this beast before long.

Just remember, Motorola - those are big words, and you'd better deliver.

Source: YouTube via Engadget