Just a short while after releasing Need for Speed Shift, EA Mobile has brought another popular mobile game, The Sims 3, to the Android Market.

A special edition of The Sims 3 has been available for some time to T-Mobile customers who own the Samsung Vibrant, but today the app has been made available to all Android users.

The official description of the app (from AppBrain):

ENJOY THIS AWARD-WINNING SIMS EXPERIENCE OPTIMIZED FOR ANDROID™! Choose your Sim’s appearance, clothing, and accessories. Make them funny or make them shy. Lose yourself in the amazing 3D open-world environment and discover what kind of character your Sim will turn out to be! Fulfill their basic needs while unlocking over 70 goals and wishes to help your Sim reach its full potential. Long live The Sims™!


sims sims2

The app costs $4.99, the same price as Need for Speed Shift, which is a full $4 premium over its iPhone counterpart.

QR code for https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.eamobile.sims3_na_qwf

Source: Android and Me