As some of you may have noticed in the comments section of our previous piece, Rohan Shravan, in a kind gesture, has reached out to Android Police with the goal of clearing the air of confusion over the Adam's launch, pre-order, and current status. We asked Rohan some questions about issues regarding the Adam that many (myself included) have expressed concern over, and Rohan has done his best to answer those questions. The unedited questions and responses lie below:

AP: Regarding the December 18th video that has been promised, many do not understand why there is such a delay in producing a video to satisfy what are relatively simple demands (a few minutes of hands-on time with the Adam and Eden UI).

Rohan: Its does, but 18th December is a special date for us. Its the anniversary of Adam's announcement

AP: Are you waiting to receive a production example from the factory? Have any been assembled yet?

Rohan: No we already have that. Around 300 have already been shipped across the world to our partners.

AP: Is the delay due to the need to complete work on the Eden UI? Can you provide real, non-emulated video of the Eden UI on the Adam (preferably a production model)?

Rohan: Eden UI is complete. In the next video I will show you will have the same running.

AP: Is the Genesis SDK coming any time soon?

Rohan: Genesis SDK has gone into major up-gradation because of 2.3. Most of our partners and University partners have the access to our SDK

AP: Can we get a shot/video of the Adam running Android 2.2 or 2.3 showing the Eden UI and proof of the underlying Android version?

Rohan: Sure, as discussed earlier.

AP: Is all the hardware functional - USB and HDMI out? A video demonstration would be necessary.

Rohan: Sure.

AP: Is the money from pre-orders being used as capital to build the actual devices?"

Rohan: No way! To Manufacture anything in March, we need to pay right now. Even if the pre-order system takes money from the customers, we have no access to it for more than one month! We need to confirm the delivery of the product before we get access to it. For example as a standard, you can check the PayPal and other banks for the same.

Take these statements for what you will - we'll let you decide on this one. One thing seems certain: Rohan wants to deliver on December 18th with the much-anticipated video demonstration of the Adam, and we really hope he does.

In conjunction with the promised video on December 18th, Rohan has agreed to do an exclusive Q&A with Android Police about the Adam that will go into a greater level of depth about the device, its software, and its features.

We, as much as anyone, are eagerly awaiting Saturday.