Pretty big news out of the XDA-Forums today - forum member and resident genius Ownhere has come up with a 'data2ext' hack that allows users to enhance the way Android handles OS-specific data and memory. Put simply, this hack allows users to change some partition settings in order to greatly increase performance.

Originally created for the HTC Desire, the hack delivers some outstanding performance improvements and is a must have if you own the device. For more technical information, you can click here. A word of warning, though: this hack is not for the feint of heart as it is fairly difficult.


And for the Neuxs One owners out there, don't you fret, because this hack should also be hitting your device soon, via XDA member Jayfallen. He's currently testing it out and was able to get the nasty Quadrant score you see above! Pretty huge!

Source: XDA-Developers