Wondering how and when that newfangled Near Field Communication (NFC) techology in the Nexus S will be put to good use? Thanks to a new post on the Google Mobile Blog, we now know where the Goog is starting off: businesses. Specifically, they're looking to help businesses use the nifty tech to share some info about themselves to curious people passing by.

How does it work? Google is sending out kits, complete with window decals, to businesses around Portland. The businesses can set up the kit, set up an info page on Google Places, and slap the decal on the window; if somebody is walking by and is curious about a business, the idea is that they can just briefly hold their phone up to the decal and additional information about the establishment will be pulled up on the phone. Like I said, nifty.



The move is a big win for Google, as it pushes businesses to use Google Places, which in turn allows Google's database to grow based on information that came straight from the source. Obviously, that data will then come in awfully handy when somebody does a search for a local establishment - Google will have information available, and that information will be supported by what Google does best: advertising. Thus, Google's network becomes both more useful and more profitable.

NFC technology really has an incredible amount of potential, and it's awesome to see Google making such a push so early on. Hopefully they don't let up the pace, and developers and businesses pick up on the game as well.

[Source: Google Mobile Blog via AndroidSPIN]