Anyone who grew up in the 90's may remember Transport Tycoon - a game similar to Sim City 2000 and Roller Coaster Tycoon (Chris Sawyer, who created TTC, also created RCT). The objective of the game is fairly simple by today's standards: control a transport company to make more profit than your rivals. Fans of the original should be happy to hear that the OpenTTD project has been ported to Android, and this time around, there's even multiplayer support.

The bad news is that it's still an early release, so it's not without kinks. A fair number of users can't get the app to run at all, and some users have also had trouble getting sound to work. For those who can run the app without issue, the UI seems to be the weak point in the app.

openttd1 openttd2

XDA member SHADOW-XIII (the OP in the app's thread) makes a few noteworthy points:

Please mind that it is first release, therefore:
- it might be full of bugs or possible incompatibilities. Don't expect all working perfect. It is more like 'test' version to see if it can be done and how playable (or not) it will be
- it is not well designed for small screens with high resolutions (Strongly encourage to install this addon)
- it is not official release therefore it is not supported, any issues send to the market release author
- the game will download 20MB of additional files to the card/internal memory, you can download it manually from here (the latest data archive, possibly lang if you want, lowmem file for less memory usage but no in-game sounds/music) and this file, install/extract all files to /sdcard/app-data/org.openttd.sdl

Think it's worth a shot? Download the APK, head on over to AppBrain, or scan the QR code below.

QR code for [Source: XDA-Developers]