While the announcement everyone was expecting Andy Rubin to make at today's D: Dive Into Mobile conference was already made earlier today, the head of Android operations still had a few things hidden up his sleeves, not the least of which was a dual-core Motorola tablet:

dmobileandyrubin0454 dmobileandyrubin0447

If that didn't catch your attention, consider this: the man himself said that it will run Honeycomb, will feature video chat, and will be powered by a "dual-core 3D NVIDIA processor." Additionally, Engadget, whose editor-in-chief was sitting at the event, noticed that the tablet has no buttons at all, for better or for worse. However, to make up for it, the Honeycomb UI appears to have been greatly refined, especially the Gmail app (seen above in the picture on the left).

Unfortunately, the closest thing we got to a release date was the statement that the tablet will be "out sometime next year." Verizon Stingray, anyone?

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