By now we've already seen the PlayStation Phone in a video or two, a number of pictures, and the usual batch of rumors. However, one of the few things we haven't known about the device is what its camera will be like. Well as of today, you can officially cross camera quality off the list of unknowns - four pictures taken by a certain "Sony Ericsson Zeus" have just hit Picasa:

IMG_20101130_142005 IMG_20101122_202432 IMG_20101117_100941 IMG_20101130_081652

A little digging revealed that all of these pictures were captured by a 5MP camera (with an aperture rating of 2.4 and a focal length of 4.1mm), and as the second one shows, it is indeed accompanied by a flash. The results appear to be a mixed bag - that last shot is seriously disturbing (both quality-wise and content-wise), while the first three are more than adequate for a cameraphone.

Also noteworthy here is the fact that the first and third shots clearly display a Sony Ericsson office, presumably one in Thailand, since the title of two of the pictures as well as some of the text contained within them is written in Thai. Hopefully the company is hard at work getting this phone ready by Christmas time!

Obviously, Sony Ericsson's gearing the PlayStation Phone towards hardcore mobile gamers rather than towards on-the-go photographers, but it looks like they've done a pretty good job with the camera here anyways.

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