Holy crap, that was fast. Less than a month after being released in the US (and a bit longer in some parts of the world), Samsung has managed to move over 1 million Galaxy Tabs - which may or may not be surprising, given the range of opinions on the device (although I just thought it was super). Despite the Tab being available in 64 countries, roughly 100,000 of the sales are in Samsung's homeland of South Korea. (Minor note: it's not clear whether this is units sold by Samsung to stores, or units sold by stores to consumers.)


Yes, this is a Galaxy S, not a Galaxy Tab. I'm too lazy to remake it, and hell, they're damn close.

In light of the impressive sales, Samsung has upped its sales goal for 2010 to 1.5 million units. If the pace continues, it should be able to reach that goal - especially with Christmas right around the corner. And let's not forget, they're planning on keeping the Android tablet dominance going, with a 10-incher planned for 2011.

[Source: Chosun, via Android Community]