Wow, this went unnoticed for a while, didn't it? On November 23rd, Google's own GoogleinHK YouTube account posted a video walkthrough of the new Google Voice Search in Cantonese. With only 2100 views, this official Google-authored video did not grab anyone's attention, until someone noticed that it featured over a minute of the clearest Gingerbread user interface video we've seen to date. The greens, the blacks - it's all there. Have a look:

Update #2: the original video was pulled but luckily, I found another copy:

Update #3: another mirror, in case Google takes down our YouTube mirror. This one will be a lot harder to take down ;-]

Here are a few images comparing the current Froyo UI to the new one in Gingerbread.

image image

image image

image image

I really dig the new buttons and the greens/blacks are starting to feel like home. If someone could help translate what the new Market tab is saying, that would be great.

Update #1: looks like the new tab is "Related," thanks everyone.

Sources: Android-HK, Android Noodles, thanks @Soyobro