You have a security app, like Lookout or Theft Aware, on your precious Android device, don't you? I hope you do, as you never know when tracking your handset's whereabouts may lead to not only a successful recovery of the little guy, but also the arrest of the perp who had robbed you a few minutes earlier and took your car with him.

A New Jersey man named Stalin (ironically, he was the victim here) was leaving his home when he was suddenly jumped by a robber, armed with a gun. The robber took Stalin's car and sped away, happily celebrating the easy escape. What the scumbag didn't know, however, was that during the attack, Stalin left his Droid Incredible somewhere in the car. On it, the Lookout Mobile Security app that could be easily used to secretly track the phone's, and the robber's, every move via an online interface.

Armed with his laptop, Stalin was able to show the police officers who arrived at the scene the exact location of the phone and the vehicle, accurate to a few feet. 7, count them - 7 minutes later, the "suspect" was spotted and arrested in the location Lookout reported, and both the car and the phone were safely recovered.

I'm sure recoveries like this one happen every day - I myself used Lookout when I dropped my phone at the train station a few months back. You simply can't afford not to have a tracking app on your handset anymore, if only to be able to restore your sanity while feeling a little bit like a ninja hacker.

Source: ABC News