Say what you may about the custom UI that was on the LG Star we saw earlier today, but you can't deny that there's something to be said for its dual-core processor. GSM Israel has proven just that via a hands-on video in which the LGP990 (aka the Star) is compared side-by-side with an iPhone 4, which comes off a bit undersized next to the Star.

Another factoid mentioned in the video: the handset packs a Tegra 2 processor driving a 4-inch display. Additionally, the video confirmed that the device will indeed ship with an 8 MP camera as well as a front-facing counterpart and an HDMI port. Just like the model we saw this morning, the phone in the video is running Froyo, though that could (and hopefully will) be upgraded to Gingerbread come launch time. The bigger news here might be that LG's pre-installing its own custom Facebook app on the Star, although the video doesn't focus on it much. Hopefully it won't interfere with Facebook's own official app, unlike certain other skins (ahem, Motoblur).

Source: GSM Israel via Android and Me, Android Central