Remember that scene in Iron Man where Tony Stark sleeps with the journalist (Christine Everhart), and then in the morning, Jarvis wakes her up by reading the current weather, surf conditions, and so on? Yeah, now your Android device can do that.


I was looking for a picture that showed the UI on the glass, but this will do nicely.

The app is called WakeVoice, and it's a pretty excellent idea - to quote the developer:

... via speech synthesis (tts), your alarm clock will speak to you. It will announce customize message, weather forecast and latest news. Furthermore, due to the enability of voice recognition, you will be able to stop the alarm clock directly from your bed without touching your phone and only by your voice. For instance, saying "STOP" when alarm is ringing will easily stop it. Adding services currently available (weather, news) and many more to come (horoscope, ephemeris, MP3 playlists, radio, calendar, night mode, and others) WakeVoice truly becomes the complete and ultimate alarm clock you lacked.

Dig beneath the layers of cheese in the description, and you'll find something that's legitimately cool. Obviously, I'm speaking for myself here, but I generally lie awake in bed for about 2 minutes after waking up; anything to make this time even slightly more useful is awesome - and that's excluding the sheer novelty of it.

wakevoice2 wakevoice

I'm looking forward to waking up to this tomorrow - and given that the dev offers a free trial version, what's to lose?

Trial version:

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Full (paid - ~$2.61):

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