Having found the jump to top function in TweetDeck for Android yesterday, which I didn't know existed for who knows how long, I got excited and shared the tip via Twitter. You see, what we take for granted in other clients, such as Twidroyd, where this feature is accessed via a button in the Menu, is not so obvious in TweetDeck. To my surprise, so many of you responded, thanking for uncovering this obscure feature in your favorite Twitter client, that I decided (since not everyone is on Twitter nowadays [:gasp:]) to put the tip up for everyone to see. No longer will you have to scroll up for miles after a day's worth of messages.

Here goes: the hidden Jump To Top functionality is accessed by pressing the header with the name of the current tab. The first press jumps to the top, and the 2nd, once you are at the top, triggers the timeline update function.


And there you have it - TweetDeck suddenly got even better.