It may only be Thanksgiving, which consequently means that December 25 (Christmas) is still a month away, but it looks like Rovio Mobile, the company behind the insanely popular Angry Birds, is already stocking up on Christmas gifts. Yes, a Christmas edition of Angry Birds no longer exists exclusively in your dreams - @RovioMobile, the company's Twitter account, recently replied to this tweet from @SkeenaNC:

2010-11-25 17h58_46

with this message:

2010-11-25 18h00_58

What "new things," you ask? Finnish website yesterday acquired the following screenshot from what is presumably the Christmas version of Angry Birds:


That screenie does look a little squished, which could cause suspicion, but the company's Twitter account once again gave it all away:

2010-11-25 18h07_15

The fact that the first annual Angry Birds fan meetup is going down on December 11th has caused some to mark that as the date for the game's release, but according to, it will be here before November is out. Oh, and unlike the Halloween edition of Angry Birds, the Christmas version will be available for us Android users as well:


Next up, we have an announcement about the 5th level/stage/world/episode/whatever-you-call-it, also confirmed by Rovio. That means more levels and possibly even a whole new bird that is going to arrive very soon and claim thousands of hours from unsuspecting players:



Who's excited?

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