Update: They've posted in our comments and tweeted about this post! Turns out they've already released an iOS version as well, they're just waiting on Apple to approve their app.

This is one hell of a brilliant idea that deserves all the attention it can get: seven University of Waterloo students have come together to write an app every day for seven straight days. But these aren't just average run-of-the-mill students; they're the cream of the crop, and most have a bevy of industry experience backing them up. Better still, they've worked together before - but their awesomeness was always cut short by the start of a new work/school week. They've decided to put an end to that, however; they're taking a full week off - Saturday, November 20 to Friday, November 26 - to plan and code an app every day.

At the project's site - 7cubedproject.com - they're blogging everything about it, including short bios for each team member as well as information about the project and its sponsors. So far, they've released their first app - QuickCite - which creates citations simply by scanning the barcode. Today's project is UWChat, and it looks like the details have been more or less hammered out.

The team plans to port QuickCite to iOS down the road. At this point, it's not clear if all seven apps will be released on Android first or if they'll do a mix of Android and iOS apps. Either way, though, it's a very cool idea.

The original list of ideas:


1. Side scrolling RPG / Platformer (Barbara)

2. Github 4 Music - A way for musician to store versions of their music as they compose it. (Ross).

3. Contact permissions / Central contract service (Gilbert)

4. EasyBib for mobile with Google Googles - ie. Quick citations! (Avi)

5. Mood tracker - analytics for people’s moods. Self tracking stats via random push messaging. It has monetization strategies already! (Scott)

6. Chat service UW - When you are in a room, you enter the room number and join a chat room for that class. It can be extended using location later. Users automatically login anonymous. (Jeff)

7. Gareth :(

Obviously, #4 was the first app (QuickCite), and #6 is the second (UWChat). We're looking forward to the progress they make, and we'll be watching closely as things develop. Certainly well worth checking out!

[Source: 7cubed via Reddit]