WhoIsIt is a new twist on an old classic: setting custom ringtones for certain contacts (or groups of contacts). The twist is that you can assign custom ringtones and vibrations for Gmail, SMS, and MMS, on a per-contact basis. Not too shabby, especially for a free app. Other features include:

* Ability to setup VIP contacts for Gmail, SMS, and MMS
* Allow VIP contacts to ring / notify for Gmail, SMS, and MMS even when in Silent mode
* Announce incoming caller and SMS/MMS sender
* Define different volume / vibration profiles
* Widget for easily switching profiles
* Tasker plugin
* Disable LEDs on a per-profile basis
* Ringleader integration

whoisit_1 whoisit_2

At the moment, the app is still in public beta at version .92. Andy, the app's developer, has started a thread on XDA-Devs to ask for input and issues, but so far it looks to be in fairly good shape. The only major downside at this point seems to be that it only supports Android 2.1 and up.

As of this writing, the app is sitting at <50 downloads and only has 7 ratings for an impressive average of 4.86 stars. The XDA thread is only three pages long - let's see if we can't get our friend Andy some more downloads and feedback, eh?

QR code for https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.handyandy.whoisit.beta [Source: AppBrain, XDA-Devs]