Even though it's only the third largest network in the United States, Sprint has a habit of cranking out some pretty nice Android devices. With the legacy of the EVO and Epic to live up to, the rumored HTC Knight is going to have to be something pretty special to be considered a true flagship. But will it really be the flagship we're all hoping for? Boy Genius Report got a tip today which adds further confusion to the matter. While their source suggests a QWERTY keyboard and 4G, as well as the tantalizing notion of a dual-core processor, Boy Genius himself concludes that the Knight is "not looking like a flagship phone at this point in time".

Their source also states that the early model of the device they saw was using a [single core] 1 GHz processor, which would indicate that it is not simply a CDMA version of the G2/Desire Z as BGR suspects. With LG, Samsung, and Motorola all having dual-core devices in the works, it's about time we heard of something of that breed coming from HTC even if that is only an outside chance right now.

Considering the naming convention HTC has used for its previous mid-range devices like the Hero and the Legend, "Knight" certainly fits into the middle tier in terms of model names, but we're not sure that's really the kind of device HTC needs to be focusing on. While this is all hopeful conjecture at the minute, a clear idea should emerge from the mixed messages soon.

Source: BGR